WABG provides customised maintenance and repair plans

WABG continues its natural progression into maintenance and repair, completing our service portfolio to provide a turnkey solution for remote sites. This is typically aligned with our core construction business - in the mining, oil & gas, and remote infrastructure support projects, as well as infrastructure construction buildings and services.

Examples of services are:
  • Concrete works; including on-site batching
  • Electrical works; distribution board relocation, power and lighting addition/extension requirements
  • Plumbing; repairs and additional requirements, eyewash stations, emergency showers, chillers, troughs
  • Welding repairs; barrier and platform modifications and repairs/replacements
  • Re-roofing and sheeting; repairs and modifications
  • Mezzanine floors; railings, grills, gratings, handrails
  • Reticulated compressed air, lubrication of farm equipment
  • Bollard installation or repairs
  • Accommodation repairs; air conditioning, plumbing, power, lighting, switches, tap leaks
  • Painting and spraying
  • Carpentry requirements; repairs, cabinets, doors, shutters, blinds
  • Glazing, mirrors, tile repairs
  • Filter cleaning and replacement; air conditioning, pumps, water filters, dust separators
  • Fabrication work; repairs, light and heavy
  • Roller doors and sliding doors; repairs large and small
  • All general handyman and labouring jobs

We can offer a complete customised repair and maintenance plan and schedule based around the client’s requirements, including planned shutdowns if required.

Of course, WABG understands that there will always be the unplanned and incidental maintenance and repair requirements while on site.  Our staff will accommodate wherever possible - or will arrange an alternative plan as quickly as possible, to meet the client’s requirements.

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