WABG can arrange 'structural steel supply only' packages

At WABG we made a decision to firm up our own needs for reliable sources of steel and 9 years ago we looked overseas for possibilities in supply. After much research and negotiation a co-venture arrangement was entered into with a consortium in China. An association began to import steel from China which has also led to the fabrication of some of our steel in that country.

An on-going training program was instituted to the extent that today the product we import is certified as equal to Australian standards. Production processes under our management conform to the most stringent requirements and a top quality product is the result. Many top tier mining, industrial and commercial companies now enjoy the benefits of this quality work, competitive prices and fast production times.

WABG can arrange 'structural steel supply only' packages which can be either painted or galvanised finish, imported and delivered to your door at very attractive rates and fast production turnaround time.

Simply call our experienced project development team to arrange any aspect of this service.